ORCA Will Writers are a small Independent Will Writing company with BIG dreams; made up of Oliver (Ollie) & Amy Cann.
Having our own family, business and home, we understand the busy lives we all hold. We also understand the need for great service and surrounding ourselves with people we trust. Thats what we are creating with ORCA.
Coming from a family of Will Writers, our experience comes from the many thousands of families we have helped through the years; there really aren’t many family dynamics or personal sitiuations we haven’t dealt with.
Due to many outdated laws, Will Writing is fundametaly still ‘old fashioned’; ORCA wants to change this percepetion. Although the laws have not changed in many years, technology definately has. This enables us to offer a face2face personal service to anyone who requires our services; anywhere in the world.
Being a smaller operation was always something we saw as a potential ‘negative’. We thought that without the easy acknowledgement of large offices and lots of staff, we would struggle to look ‘professional’ to our clients.
Then we realised that when we look to purchase services, we much prefer dealing with a smaller more personal operation, rather than just being a number in some large sales pipeline. Therefore we started ORCA in 2019 to offer a service that is personal, modern but most importantly easily accesible.
Will writing does not need to be a long winded process, however it should always be more than a DIY/fill in the gaps Will that are so often marketed as the ‘cheapest, easiest and fastest way to write your Will’. We are not the cheapest, nor do we believe in ‘autofill’ DIY Wills. We offer a fair priced, modern and stress free approach to writing your Will.
When you receive an ORCA Will, it will be in plain English and most importantly, you will know what it all means. We DO NOT bombard you with legal jargon to try and justify our qualifications/salaries/prices. An ORCA Will is something that is going to be with you for a longtime and you need to trust that it will do what you want it to do when it really counts.
If you are looking for someone to write your Will, make sure you trust them completely. In a time of crisis……talk to people you trust!