Online is here!

 I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the last bits of summer as the nights creep in and the cold snaps begin. In this article/newsletter I wanted to introduce you all to a brand-new offering from ORCA………………………….ORCA ONLINE!

It is, as the name describes, an online platform in which you can quickly and easily draft a BASIC Will in less than 15 minutes. The reason I am writing this is to try and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly truths around DIY Online Wills.

First and foremost, I want to be very clear when I say, a DIY Online Will is NOT something I actively advise! As this article will show, they are a potential disaster waiting to happen; that being said. They have their place in the current environment, and to not offer this service would be foolish.

So, let’s start with the Good bits;

Time – My online platform has been developed to be clear, simple, and most importantly easy to navigate. In less than 15minutes you can have a Will emailed to your inbox for you to print and sign. That is the primary reason for an ONLINE Will, if time is of the essence, then this will be perfect for you.

Cost – Due to the fact that the software takes answers from several carefully selected questions and drafts the Will, the input time from me is minimal. For that reason, I can keep the costs very low. I already offer very competitive pricing, however for some that is still a little more than they can afford at these pressing times. If the basics are all you need and you feel comfortable with the decisions you are making, an Online offering is a very cost effective option.

 The Bad;

Basic – Our Online platform is for basic Wills, it will cover who will be your executors, your guardians (if you have children under 18) and your beneficiaries. I have specifically NOT included trusts and more technical elements as these need proper advice and guidance. So if you have even the slightest of ‘complexities’ in your life, an Online Will may not be for you.

No Advice – Although the questions you answer are carefully selected, they do not come with advice, there are basic instructions as to who and what people do within your Will, but the true consequences of your actions within the Will must be considered.

 The Ugly;

Confusion – A big reason for my reluctancy to offer Online Wills is because with too much ‘customisation’ a Will can be very confusing to others. Although in your head it may be very clear what your wishes are, often, unless they have been discussed with others, they can be difficult to understand. Our platform keeps the ‘customisation’ to a minimum, so the basics are clear to all.

Contested – There are a small number of people who can legally contest a Will on the grounds that it has been drafted under duress or drafted by someone with mental capacity issues. Doing a Will online increases the likelihood of a court deciding your Will is not valid and your wishes are then not met. If you know your Will is going to upset people and cause issues, I strongly advise having a chat with me rather than relying on this online platform.


So, who is this Online offering right for?

As the above shows, without the correct advice, you may find yourself causing loved ones more issue by drafting a Will online. However, if you know what you want and money, time or location are an issue, why not try our Online offering. Remember at any stage you can pick up the phone and I will gladly assist you through the process.

 If you have seen me previously and you have not yet found the time to complete the Will, maybe have a flick through the questions and see if you feel happy with the results. If you have children under 18, guardianship is the most important thing (see article), so maybe this is perfect for now. Sometimes something is better than nothing.

 If your keen to get started with your online Will, click here and start the process 😊